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Information Leaflets and Resources

Care standards for the Management of Patients with Microtia and Atresia Great Ormond Street Explanation Leaflet National Deaf Children's Society - Microtia National Deaf Children's Society - Hearing Tests National Deaf Children's Society - Family Support National Deaf Children's Society - Bone Anchored Hearing Aids Clinical Commissioning Policy: BAHAs April 2013 Audiogram of Familiar Sounds Changing Faces - Talking with your child Changing Faces - Going to hospital The Workings of the Ear Cochlear Rehabilitation Resources You and Your Hearing - Use it or lose it

Bilateral Microtia

Ovecome Benefits of Bilateral Hearing Loss with BAHA Bilateral Benefits with BAHA Clinical Review May 2008 Why 2 ears to hear? 4th International Symposium Bone Conduction Handbook June 2013

Single Sided Deafness/Unilateral Microtia

"Unilateral hearing loss in childhood - what are we doing about it?" The Developing Child with Unilateral Hearing Loss Audiology online – understanding Single Sided Deafness

Teen Websites

Iface Children First for Health by GOSH

Children's Books about Microtia, Hearing Impairment and Staying in Hospital

"Isaac Gets His BAHAs Fitted!" by Isaac and Liz Jones (2015) "Isaac and Lilah – A story of similarities and differences" by Liz Jones (2012) Letter to my teacher A poem by Matthew English (aged 8)